Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Computer: A Halloween Story

My son Joe had to write a scary Halloween story for his 6th grade class  - read it if you dare....


by Joseph Stroppel

It all began in a small peaceful town, on October 30th.  The new computer technology had taken over quite a few young men who would NEVER stop searching on the computer.  A few men like 17-year-old Isaac.

  Isaac was always failing in school.  He wouldn’t focus in class and would wait impatiently for the bell to ring.  And once it did, he ran home as fast as he could.  His computer was life.  Until one day, when it wasn’t anymore.

  On this day, when Isaac started up his computer after a long day of school, it broke down.  This had happened many times before.  However, Isaac’s parents just paid to get a new one every time, to the point where they were very poor.  They refused to buy him a new one this time, and told him to get one with his own money.

  So Isaac spent his entire evening on his parents’ computer searching for a cheap computer on e-Bay.  He looked and looked, and finally he found a computer at an extremely cheap price.  He should have been suspicious by then. Still, he really wanted that computer. The description said that he had to meet the man to get the computer. Luckily, the man only lived two blocks away, near a huge forest. However, it was very late. Isaac just decided to go to sleep and get it tomorrow.

  Isaac woke up the next morning and realized it was October 31st! However, he didn’t plan to trick-or-treat. He just wanted to get that computer, download all of his favorite games, and PLAY. But first, he had to go to school. He had another day of getting 0s for not doing homework and refusing to do school work. Finally, that final bell rang, and Isaac went straight to the computer seller’s house.
  Isaac arrived at the house, which turned out to be an OLD, RICKETY MANSION. Another sign of suspicion that Isaac didn’t think of. He knocked on the door and a man came out. At least Isaac thought it was a man. The figure had a hood on in a way that its face couldn’t be seen. Isaac gave the figure 10 dollars and went off with the computer. Isaac thought to himself “Time to test this thing out!”
  He took the computer home, plugged it in, and went to play! He downloaded all of his favorite games, including Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. Isaac decided to play one of his favorite games, Minecraft. He would learn later that this was a big mistake. That is when the horror began.

   Isaac started a new game on Minecraft, where he prepared to build a base to survive zombies and other horrible creatures that hunt in the night. When he finished building his base and night fell, the screen went black. He heard a high-pitched scream, and the computer crashed. Isaac was surprised and scared at the same time. He didn’t know what would come next.
  He was able to restart his computer and get online. To avoid that disaster again, he just decided to watch YouTube. He decided to watch videos of Minecraft and his other favorite video games instead of playing them. He picked a random video and watched it. The video went smoothly with no black screens and screaming. That was, sadly, about to change.
   When he was expecting it the least, about halfway through, the screen went black. But this time, a figure appeared. It was horrifying. It looked like a creature out of a horror movie. It had cuts all over its face. It had purple circles under its eyes. And it had very, very sharp teeth. Those teeth opened up and the same high-pitched scream from before was blasted out of that computer. Was this a coincidence or was Isaac being stalked?

 Isaac was pretty scared by then. Just to be sure, he clicked on another video. The exact same thing happened. Then another and another. It kept happening. That is, until Isaac found one video. A video where the figure didn’t scream. Instead, it opened its jaws and said in a horrifying voice “ I’M COMING FOR YOU”. Then, it opened its mouth and let out that scream again.
  Isaac finally realized that he had to destroy the computer. He pulled out a plug. The computer stayed on. Then, Isaac removed a few more. The computer still stayed on. Frustrated, Isaac removed ALL of the plugs. The computer STILL stayed on. Frightened, Isaac went into the kitchen and pulled a knife out. Then, he ran back to the computer and shoved the knife into the screen. The screen STILL stayed on. Isaac was terrified. However, he didn’t know what horror would happen next.
 Isaac was very busy trying to destroy the computer, but still noticed the front door open. A figure walked in. The same figure that gave him the computer! It began to approach Isaac. It didn’t have a weapon, but Isaac still knew this may be the end. He tried pulling the knife out of the computer, but it didn’t budge. He suddenly realized that the computer had him trapped! Finally, the figure took off its hood. What was under it was NOT a man. It was the face he saw on all of the videos. It opened its jaws and…. The further parts are unknown, even by me.

 Police came to investigate the scene of a missing teenager by the name of Isaac. They found no trace of the teen or whatever took him. Some say it was foul play. Some say he ran away. The only thing the police DID find was a very strange, most likely cheap desktop computer. And the strangest part is that there was a kitchen knife driven into it, yet it was still working. No one will know why Isaac is gone, not even me. But no one will EVER know what actually happened at the scene of the crime, the computer, the creature, Isaac… So yeah kids, don’t buy cheap computers from creepy, hooded figures and play Minecraft or watch YouTube on them.


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